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Important Factors When Choosing A Tennis Bag

Choosing the right tennis bag can be challenging. Many players make that purchase based on looks rather than practicality. Before purchasing a bag, one should know what objects will be carried and how often the bag will be used.

What should be carried in a tennis bag
Having a well-prepared tennis bag must be a top priority. Here is a short list of what should be in a tennis player’s bag.

-Water bottle
-Shoe bag: To avoid making the bag dirty from shoes
-Hand wipes
-First aid kit (band-aids, oilmen, blister tape, scissors & alcohol wipes)
-Tennis racquet: the number of racquets varies depending on the player’s level
-Tennis balls

Important factors when choosing a bag

Two things must be considered when choosing the right bag: How many racquets one carries and the number of compartments.

The number of racquets that a player needs greatly influences the size of the tennis bag. When a player plays in tournaments, it is always recommended to have between 2 and 4 racquets (depending on how fast the player breaks strings). Ideally, racquets should be the same models.

Here are guidelines to follow to determine how many racquets are appropriate:

– 1 racquet if the tennis player never breaks strings while playing and if he/she can get their racquet restrung before the next play.

– 2 racquets as soon as the tennis player breaks strings during play. Ideally, everyone must have two matching racquets in their bag at all times. That goes for beginners and regular players.

– 3 or more racquets when the tennis player breaks more than one racquet string per play. As a general rule, players should carry two extra racquets in their bags. If players breaks frequently 2 racquet strings per play, they should have 4 racquets since they never want to rely on the last racquet in their bag, in case the strings break by accident and if the stringer cannot restring their racquets quickly enough.


Depending on the type of bag, there are many different compartments. Shoe compartments, thermal compartments (to keep your racquets cool and dry), and compartments for clothes which are the most frequent in tennis bags.

When shopping for a tennis bag, having already established what compartments are desired facilitates the decision process.

Bare in mind that you should also look at the size of the compartments to make sure that all gear fits properly in it.

Avoid squeezing items and stretching compartments as tennis bags’ zippers are known to be fragile. It is a very common reason why players change bags frequently.

Extra tips

– To keep your regular clothes clean and cool, consider having an extra backpack or a small duffle and leave it in the facility’s locker. This reduces the tennis bag’s bulkiness and helps separate dirty and clean clothes.

– Always place one strap of the tennis bag on each shoulder (if the bag has two) to evenly distribute the bag’s weight for a better posture.


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