Lobster iPhone Wi-Fi Remote + Grand Remote Combo

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Lobster Sports’ commitment to providing the latest in tennis ball machine technology is again unsurpassed with the release of the new Apple iPhone Remote Control. This proprietary system allows the customer to use their iPhone or iTouch device as the remote control to operate their Elite Grand Series machine. The system is compatible with the Elite Grand IV, Grand V, and Grand V Limited Edition model machines.

The iPhone Bundle Package includes the Wi-Fi Router installed in the machine, and the Elite Grand 20 Function remote control. The iPhone application is available for a free download from the iTunes store. Once connected, through your iPhone Wi-Fi connection network, your iPhone or iTouch device will allow you to gain complete control over the operation of your tennis ball machine. For the customers who want the best of both worlds, this bundle package offers the best bang for your buck.

  • For existing customers, this option must be factory-installed and will require a Return authorization prior to purchase.

New Feature:

Response Display: (Visual feedback) When you depress a button on the iPhone to make changes to any program mode or shot element selection, a window will hover and display the changes made to your ball machine. By pressing the logo button on the top of the iPhone screen, a window will appear displaying the current settings depicted on the machine’s display



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